County Government of Turkana

CABE is working with the County Government of Turkana to help in the coordination of activities in integrated animal health.


County Government of Kajiado

CABE will hold discussions with stakeholders in Kajiado to improve pasture and fodder production in the county. It will also organize meetings with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries (Department of Livestock Production, Department of Veterinary services), Kenya Veterinary Board, National Drought Management Authority and Kenya Meteorological Department.


Kenya Meteorological Department

CABE is working with the Kenya Met Department to facilitate policy dialogues and debates in extreme weather events and variation and livestock diseases


Kapitur Resources Management Association (KARMA)-Turkana

KARMA is a community-based organisation in Turkana that will assist CABE in providing evidence in disease surveillance and management initiatives in the face of climate change/variation.


Maa Community Health Workers CBO

The Maa Community Health Workers Community Based Organisation will assist in setting up a learning center to improve pasture and fodder production.

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